Practical Information

The meeting will be held at the CRAG and CRG buildings, please check the corresponding program. 


CRAG is located at the Campus of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) in the town of Cerdanyola del Vallès, 20km from the city of Barcelona.

The CRAG building can be reached by train from Barcelona (two options):


Line S2 (Barcelona-Sabadell) or Line S6 (Barcelona-Universitat Autònoma)

Universitat Autònoma station

In Barcelona, these trains stop at Pl. Catalunya (city centre), Provença, Gràcia, Muntaner and Sarrià stations. Trains S2 and S6 stop at the UAB Campus (station called Universitat Autònoma). The journey time to Barcelona is about 35 minutes, and trains depart approximately every 10 minutes in rush hour and every 20 minutes in valley hours. You will have to purchase a 1-zone train ticket. The Universitat Autònoma station is at a 10-minute walk from the CRAG building (directions here).


Line R7 (Sant Andreu Arenal-Cerdanyola Universitat)

Cerdanyola Universitat station

From Barcelona centre (Plaça Catalunya RENFE station) take a train to the Sant Andreu Arenal station (Line R3 or Line R4). There, change to Line R7 to Cerdanyola Universitat. The whole ride is about 25 minutes, and trains depart approximately every 30 minutes all day long. Once at the arrival station, you may take a 5-minute free bus ride to the CRAG building (Eureka or Enginyeria-SAF stations).